How To Scientifically Peak Your Performance Without The Ongoing Expenses of a Coach
The Regular Testing, Analytics, and Advice You Need to Optimise Your Training Program
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Hey, you’re probably reading this because you appreciate the scientific side of training. You train with heart rate, power, or pace, and have a decent knowledge of different training zones and how they relate to performance improvement. You love to quantify your training sessions and race metrics, and are eager to squeeze out every last bit of performance enhancement. You recognise that training smart is the key to your next PB, because, let’s face it, we all have jobs and families, and can’t commit to pro hours like some. You log your sessions inside Strava or TrainingPeaks, and love a bit of cheeky competition with your mates for the coffee shop KOM.

You wouldn’t mind a coach, but can’t justify the cost because, really, you just need a bit of advice here and there. You know enough about training to build your own program (and quite enjoy the process of systemising your own performance enhancement), so wouldn’t get the value for money out of a $250-$300/month coaching subscription. You would, however, value a bit of input here and there to fine tune what you’re already doing, and a bit of reassurance that everything is structured optimally so you hit peak fitness for race day. You don’t want generic input, you want tailored advice based on your goals, time availability, and current fitness level.

I know this because I have just described 80% of our customers. 15% want the full-blown done-for-you coaching package, 5% just want to tick off some testing as a bucket list item, and the rest want a cost-effective way to track and quantify their fitness, while getting some valuable feedback on what they’re currently doing (and what needs to be done to hit your goals).

For this reason, we are implementing an unlimited testing & consulting subscription. For a small $35/month ($8/week) investment, you can access all of our athlete testing services, and seek the advice necessary to transform yourself into the athlete you want to be.

We’re offering this because we want to build a year-round relationship with our athletes and systematically help you achieve your short and longer-term goals. We educate our athletes that testing needs to be quarterly if they’re serious about optimising their training programs. Those who choose to come in as ‘one-offs’ (generally due to financial barriers of returning) miss out on a huge chunk of the pie. They get a good kick-start, but don’t reap the benefits of regularly updating their training zones so they can continue to train effectively. Likewise, they take a few of our training session recommendations and, after huge initial success, wonder why they stop working after a while. Simply, the body adapts to a stress, and needs variety to continue enhancing. We can identify physiological plateaus and update training recommendations when we see you more frequently.

You could look at the price of a subscription and recognise that if you visit us just two times/year for a VO2 max + lactate test that you’ll come out on top. This, although true, is the wrong way to look at it. I want to make it very clear that jumping into this subscription is a 12-month commitment to optimising the way you approach your performance enhancement. We expect to see you, at minimum, twice per year, but would really prefer every 3 months. You will, at minimum, complete VO2 max + lactate testing & consulting, but will likely benefit from sweat testing, skinfold measurements, and haemoglobin tracking. We’ll simply put you through every test we feel is relevant to your goals. You’ll commit to implementing our advice based on the results of your testing, and will return to measure the success of the training, ready to re-load for the next phase.

If you're ready to make the leap to data-driven training, click the 'sign me up' button below.

Cheers for reading,
Luke McIlroy - Director at METS Performance Consulting.

What Testing Services Are Included?
VO2 Max Testing
Normally $185 per test, unlimited access with the subscription.
VO2 max is the size of your aerobic engine: are you a V4, V6, or V8?

Simply, it is the maximal amount of oxygen you can breathe in, transport via the heart, and use by the muscles in one minute. The more oxygen you can use per minute, the faster you can perform with less fatiguing lactic acid (burn) being accumulated. Once we have this data, we can tell you how to make it bigger!

Lactate Analysis
Normally an additional $30/test, unlimited access with the subscription.
Blood lactate is that burning sensation you feel at high intensity exercise. We can measure this throughout a VO2 max test to pinpoint exactly at what point it accumulates rapidly and causes heavy fatigue. Simply, we will find the maximum intensity (Functional Threshold Power) you can maintain for a long time before you blow up. Very useful for race-pace planning and training!

Sweat Analysis
Normally $149 per test, unlimited access with the subscription.
Ever look down at your lycra and see white marks everywhere? That's salt. A sweat test will measure how much fluid you lose per hour, and what the concentration of sodium (salt) is in that sweat. We can then prescribe you with a tailored hydration strategy to ensure you do not become dehydrated during your event/training, and avoid suffering from sodium-related cramping.
Skinfold Analysis
Normally $30 per test, unlimited access with the subscription.
Excuse my political incorrectness, this is how fat you are. Fat is dead weight for an endurance athlete. For optimal performance, we want to minimise body fat levels (within reason), and replace it with power-producing muscle mass. Skinfold testing will measure the thickness of your skin across 7 spots on your body and spit out a body fat % number. We can then track this over time to ensure it's either being maintained or improved depending on your current levels. If it's tracking upwards, we'll discuss your day-to-day nutrition habits to bring it back down without giving up that delicious coffee-ride cake.
Haemoglobin/Hematocrit Testing
Normally $75 per test, unlimited access with the subscription.
Haemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying part of red blood cells. We can naturally increase these through diet and altitude training. Endurance athletes can be susceptible to low haemoglobin levels due to the heavy training loads we put ourselves through. Regularly measuring your haemoglobin is necessary so we can introduce a dietary intervention (such as increased protein intake) before we see any performance detriment.  
Normally $100/hour, unlimited access with the subscription.
We're pretty good at simplifying the science. We'll not only take you through everything you need to know about your results, but we'll sit down and discuss how you can implement these recommendations into your training program. Nothing's off the cards: data analytics, training session recommendations, strength & conditioning exercises, program periodisation, nutrition & hydration strategies, recovery methods; whatever advice you need is available during your consultation.
Track Progress Year-Round
We know how seriously recreational, age group, and amateur athletes take their performances. 

We have recognised this and made state-of-the-art sport science testing available for anyone looking to get the best out of themselves in a simple unlimited-access subscription model.
Understand Your Physiology
Testing data can sometimes be confusing & overwhelming.

We'll provide a detailed summary of results for every test you complete AND an interpretation of results on the spot to answer your questions about YOUR physiology and performance.
Find YOUR Training Zones
We don't use a generic formula, or percentage of an estimated FTP. 

These are REAL numbers based on your physiology and testing data to ensure you can lock in on the correct Heart Rate, Pace or Power in your training.
Maximise Your Training Time
We not only analyse the data, but we identify your physiological strengths & weaknesses to provide accurate training recommendations to get the most out of your training. Helping you to cut out the junk and make the most of every session.
A Side-By-Side Comparison
Let's go through a common scenario with a triathlete and figure out whether the sessional or subscription-based model makes more sense...
  • VO2 max test with lactate (run test): $215.00
  • VO2 max test with lactate (bike test): $215.00
  • Sweat Test: $149.00
  • 30-minute post-testing consultation: $50.00
  • ​​Skinfold analysis: $30.00
  • ​Haemoblobin tracking: $75.00
​Total Price You'll Pay for One Round of Testing: 
Total Price You'll Pay Yearly If Attending Quarterly:
  • VO2 max test with lactate (run test) - quarterly: Included
  • VO2 max test with lactate (bike test) - quarterly : Included
  • Sweat Test - quarterly: Included
  • 30-minute post-testing consultation: Included
  • Skinfold analysis quarterly: Included 
  • Haemoglobin tracking quarterly: Included 
Total Price You'll Pay Yearly: 
(save $2,516)
Check Out Some Of Our Results Here...
Eliza boosted VO2 max by 17%, ran 43 seconds/km quicker at functional threshold, reduced her heart rate by an average of 13 beats every work load, could extract 12% more oxygen into her muscles per minute, and improved the efficiency of her heart by 33% in just 4 weeks of training. 
Josh boosted VO2 max by 16% at a heart rate 3 BPM lower, reduced his heart rate by an average of 8 beats every work load, significantly improved his ability to tolerate and clear lactic acid, and improved the efficiency of his heart by 17.5% in 4 months of training (and, most importantly, reduced his 10km time from 39 minutes to 35 minutes). 
Simon changed his functional threshold power from 270 watts at 163 heart rate to 300 watts at 172 heart rate in just 3.5 months. He used to produce 10.7mmol/L of blood lactate at 170 HR, but now produces only 3.9mmol/L at 172 HR.
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Your Options...
monthly subscription
Billed monthly, +$99 joining fee
  • Unlimited access to:
  • VO2 Max & Lactate Testing
  • Sweat Testing
  • Skinfold Testing
  • Haemoglobin/Haematocrit Testing
  • Consulting

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yearly subscription
$420 billed yearly, no joining fee
  • Avoid the $99 joining fee
  • Unlimited access to:
  • VO2 Max & Lactate Testing
  • Sweat Testing
  • Skinfold Testing
  • Haemoglobin/Haematocrit Testing
  • Consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I complete the VO2 max test on?
A treadmill, bike (ours or yours), or rowing ergometer.
Who is this subscription best suited to?
Any triathlete, cyclist, runner, or rower who's events last longer than 2 minutes.
Can I cancel any time?
Yep. If you're on the monthly subscription, you'll need to re-pay the $99 joining fee if you decide to jump back on, though.
Does unlimited really mean unlimited?
Technically, yes. It would, however, be counterproductive to constantly re-test. We encourage quarterly testing as it allows enough time to see noticeable changes in your fitness and data. You may utilise our consulting services more regularly, however.
I'm a triathlete, do I get both bike and run tests quarterly?
Yep! Ideally on separate days to allow full recovery between tests.
I'm pretty busy and don't know how often I will want testing. Can I justify the cost?
Two VO2 max tests including lactate analysis costs $430 if booking sessional appointments. The total cost of this package is less than this ($420/year). We want to see you quarterly, but even just 2x/year for the minimum amount of testing is cost-effective.
I'm interested, but I'm not at peak fitness yet.
Let's work together to get there. Start with some initial testing (so you can get your fitness back more quickly) and then we can measure changes every couple of months.
I already have a coach, but they don't have access to this type of testing.
Jump on board and we will consult with your coach on how to best implement your results.
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