Race Faster Without Training Longer
The 20 minute fitness test which tells us exactly how to peak your fitness.
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Here's The Proof...
You will get:
VO2 max value (how aerobically fit you currently are).
Functional Threshold (how hard you can push for an hour).
Individualised Training zones + an explanation on how to use them (so you can eliminate the junk training).
Detailed summary report with physiological strengths, areas for improvement, and notes/recommendations (and specific training sessions on how to target your weaknesses).
All your data (10+ graphs including how well your muscles are extracting oxygen, how much oxygen your heart is ejecting per beat, breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen consumption, ventilation and lactate).
Why do you need it?
Understand your current fitness level (and how to take it to the next level).
Learn YOUR heart rate/power/pace training zones (not the generic % of max HR or % of FTP rubbish).
Maximise your training effectiveness on a busy schedule (5 hours training specifically is better than 15 hours training with no intent) and reduce your injuries.
We Boast a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
We literally measure every bit of data we could possibly need to give you the best possible training advice tailored specifically to your body...

We directly measure how much air you're breathing in, your breathing rate, your heart rate, how much oxygen your muscles are extracting from what you're breathing in, how much oxygen your heart is ejecting out every heart beat, your power/pace, your lactate, your energy expenditure... Everything! We use science to COMPLETELY  take the guesswork out of your training!
Check out some of our results...
Eliza boosted VO2 max by 17%, ran 43 seconds quicker at functional threshold, reduced her heart rate by an average of 13 beats every work load, could extract 12% more oxygen into her muscles per minute, and improved the efficiency of her heart by 33% in just 4 weeks of training. 
Josh boosted VO2 max by 16% at a heart rate 3 BPM lower, reduced his heart rate by an average of 8 beats every work load, significantly improved his ability to tolerate and clear lactic acid, and improved the efficiency of his heart by 17.5% in 4 months of training (and, most importantly, regularly stood on the podium in his Age Group). 
Simon changed his functional threshold power from 270 watts at 163 heart rate to 300 watts at 172 heart rate in just 3.5 months. He used to produce 10.7mmol/L of blood lactate at 170 HR, but now produces only 3.9mmol/L at 172 HR.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this test best for?
Anyone who completes a sport which involves more than 2 minutes of continuous movement. Common sports include triathlon, cycling, running, swimming and rowing, but we also get people from crossfit, dirt bike riding, or even trying out for the Army.
I'm just a weekend warrior/recreational athlete. Can I justify the cost?
Absolutely! In a recent survey we sent out to our client list of 513 people, 94% indicated that they were "weekend warriors/recreational athletes" or "compete in amateur age group competition". Only 5% were at the "top of their age group/pushing elite" and 1% were "elite" status.

The beauty of this is that it's you guys and girls who actually have the most to gain from this test. The elites are chasing 1%er improvements, whereas you can chase 10, 15 or 20% improvements by changing the way you approach your training and using science and data to direct this.
I'm interested, but I'm not at peak fitness yet.
Doesn't matter. Identifying your zones will get you to peak fitness faster! We get athletes coming off 12 month breaks, to those in the middle of a program, to those who have peaked. The information and data you receive is applicable to all stages of a training program. In fact, you'll reduce your likelihood of injury because you will be able to get fitter by training less so you are less likely to suffer an overuse injury. You'll be able to train less because your training will be more focused, goal oriented, and targeting specific physiological weaknesses (AKA NO JUNK!)
What use is having the data if I don't have the knowledge to use it?
We spend 20-30 minutes after your test interpreting your data in jargon-free language so even the newest athlete can understand it. We walk you through your training zones, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then give you specific training advice on exactly what you need to do to improve your performance. We also email you educational video links and blogs we've written created specifically to give you the knowledge to use your data. We offer an affordable consultations for extra education and advice which you can add-on during the online booking process.

We also offer 3 month training programs or weekly coaching if you don't have a coach to help guide you. We use your data from your VO2 max test to ensure that every minute of training counts and that every session has a specific goal which gradually builds towards your performance goal. We schedule this around your work:life commitments, training history, injury history, and goals.
Do I need to come back for another test at a later date?
It is recommended that you re-test every 3-6 months to measure improvements and readjust your training zones, but it's up to you.
I want to come in, but Mulgrave is too far away.
We offer portable services for group testing of 5 or more people. If you can round up a group of people who are interested, we will travel to your location to undertake testing at no extra charge. Email luke@metsperformance.com to explore this option.
I'm injured at the moment, but I'm keen to come in when I'm back on track!
Looking forward to it! You'll find that you're probably over-doing your training as it is. When you have your zones, you can get the same or more benefit from 6 hours of training than most people get with 15+ hours of training! It all comes down to quality sessions with a focused goal, as opposed to quantity of training mixing up your zones. Reduced training load will lead to fewer overuse injuries and a happy, healthy, and fit athlete!
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