The Performance Packages
The data-driven program which links your sport science testing results with tailored training sessions to give you the best chance at endurance success.
Elite Testing Available to Anyone
We know how seriously recreational, age group, and amateur athletes take their performances. We have recognised this and made state-of-the-art sport science testing available for anyone looking to get the best out of themselves
Fully Individualised
100% tailored programming and coaching. We base your program on your physiological testing results, training history, personal motivations, goals, and time availability. We've NEVER seen two people exactly the same, so why would you complete the same training?
Science-based Approach
It's simple. We match science and data with proven training methods to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
Your individualised physiology + appropriate programming = endurance success.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We don't ask you to blindly take our word for the training we prescribe. We have hundreds of videos in the free METS Mastermind group supporting and educating you on our science-based methods. You'll also have direct access to your coach.
Eliminate the Guesswork. Start Taking an Individualised Approach Today!
You're probably reading this because you participate in some sort of endurance sport; triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, rowing etc. OR you participate in a sport requiring multiple fitness components, and endurance is your weakness.

Let me ask you a question, do you think that you need to trainer longer to get more PERFORMANCE benefit? Do you think that 'endurance' means putting in hours and hours of long, slow distance training and having to complete 15-25 hours/week to be successful?

I thought so too back when I started, but I've since learnt that this is a hugely common misconception. 

Let me explain.

Endurance physiology can be improved in three ways. You can:
1. Improve your VO2 max (the size of your aerobic engine).
2. Improve your functional threshold (the proportion of your engine you can actually use for a prolonged period).
3. Improve your economy (run, swim, bike, or row faster while using less energy).

That's it.

Nutrition, heat load management, hydration, and genetics all play a part, but to get fitter, and to be able to move faster for longer, the above three aspects are key.

And did you know that, scientifically, there are two primary training zones in which you can maximise your VO2 max, and two which can elongate your functional threshold? I bet you've heard that you can't train with intensity at the beginning of the program because you need to "build a base" first...

What if I told you that you can in fact build a base/improve your VO2 max by training long and slow, but ALSO from spending shorter intervals at 95% VO2 max, with identical recovery? What if I told you that you can DOUBLE the stimulus by completing two types of training, rather than getting sub-optimal adaptation from just completing one style?

The amateur endurance industry is way behind the times. 20 years ago we thought the only way to improve our aerobic base was to complete long, slow distance training. Since then, there have been massive developments in Sport Science and our knowledge of endurance physiology. The problem is, the industry hasn't caught up. Most programmers are comfortable in their ways and either aren't prepared to keep up with the scientific progressions, or simply don't have the educational resources to learn the new methods. I'd probably be in the same boat if I didn't study an Exercise and Sport Science degree... The lack of free OR paid resources for the every day endurance athlete and coach is appalling.

We're taking a stand against the archaic endurance industry. We're providing an opportunity for change. We develop fully tailored individualised training programs to ALL types of endurance athletes; recreational to elite, all supported by cutting edge Sport Science research, and use the best training methods available to give you maximum  training benefit in minimum training time.

We completely eliminate the guesswork from your training by identifying your training zones from lab-based tests. We then identify your physiological strengths and weaknesses, and develop you the perfect program to give you the best chance at succeeding at your goals. We work around your time availability, training history, and injury history.

I've seen performance improvements of up to 17% in 3 months through actually training less, but with more focus. Every second of training should count towards performance enhancement, otherwise you're simply exercising. Just scroll to the bottom to see some of our results.
So who are these packages suitable for?
  •  Individuals who are time poor due to work/family commitments and need to get more 'bang for buck' out of their training. Analysing your data will allow us to make every minute of training count towards your goals.
  •  Serious amateur/age-groupers/elites who want to qualify for a key race or World Championship. 
  •  Athletes who have hit a plateau and need some deep physiological insight and highly specific training targets to break through and continue to excel. 
  •  Individuals who like to take a scientific or quantitative approach to their training: if you like to physically measure your numbers and rate of success in a graph or report, this is for you! 
  •  Athletes who experience overuse injuries: we aim to maximise training benefit in minimum training time, so you can spend more time recovering, less time breaking down, and more time on the podium. 
  •   Athletes who need to become more economical: We have specialists in swimming, running, and lifting technique at your disposal.
  •  Anyone serious about getting the most out of their body. 
We work with all types of endurance athletes from weekend warriors to the elite to maximise performance through data-driven scientific testing and coaching. If you're ready to cut the guesswork and start using proven scientific training methods to get the best out of your body, then sign up below.
You do not need to be an elite athlete to join this program. You do, however, need to be highly motivated, have a specific goal you're working towards, and a genuine drive to be the best athlete you can be.
Click the link below to get started or the contact button to speak directly with our Head Coach about your individual needs.
Luke McIIroy - Director of Sport Science at METS Performance Consulting
Eliza boosted VO2 max by 17%, ran 43 seconds quicker at functional threshold, reduced her heart rate by an average of 13 beats every work load, could extract 12% more oxygen into her muscles per minute, and improved the efficiency of her heart by 33% in just 4 weeks of training
Josh boosted VO2 max by 16% at a heart rate 3 BPM lower, reduced his heart rate by an average of 8 beats every work load, significantly improved his ability to tolerate and clear lactic acid, and improved the efficiency of his heart by 17.5% in 4 months of training (and, most importantly, regularly stood on the podium in his Age Group). 
Simon changed his functional threshold power from 270 watts at 163 heart rate to 300 watts at 172 heart rate in just 3.5 months. He used to produce 10.7mmol/L of blood lactate at 170 HR, but now produces only 3.9mmol/L at 172 HR.
I'm not going to pretend that everybody will see such significant changes as quickly as those above. What I can guarantee, however, is that a science-based program based on your individualised data will give you the best likelihood of reaching your peak performance.


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performance package
One-off cost.
  • Fully individualised 3 month program built on TrainingPeaks and based on your training zones, time availability, training and injury history, and goals. 
  • Two VO2 max tests including lactate analysis. One to determine your training zones prior to the program, and one to measure success post-program.
  • No ongoing feedback from a coach - training program only.
High performance package
best value
Full coaching service. Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • Includes the entire High Performance Testing package every 3 months (valued at $649) :
  • VO2 max tests with lactate analysis: Measure your current level of aerobic fitness, identify your individualised training zones, and learn your physiological strengths and weaknesses.
  • 1x Sweat Test: Identify the proportion of sodium lost in your sweat. Combine this with an 'at-home' sweat rate test (which we will supply), and we can accurately determine the amount of fluid replacement required to perform at your best and avoid dehydration.
  • 1x Haemoglobin + Haematocrit test: Measure the concentration of red blood cells in your body. This is useful in determining athlete fatigue and susceptibility to anaemia. Feel tired all the time? This blood test will show if you need a change in your training and/or diet.
  • Skinfold Assessment: Skinfold measurements, in conjunction with our Tanita body composition scales, will accurately determine your percentage of body fat, along with lean muscle mass and total body fluid. This allows you to track your body composition throughout the training cycle and ensure your diet is in check.
  • Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, and Blood Pressure: Get on top of your health before a big training cycle by measuring your health indicators with your proportion of good and bad cholesterol, your resting blood glucose concentration, and blood pressure measurements.
  • All results include detailed reports with comparison to 'normal' values, with notes and recommendations to best benefit your training.
  • Includes High Performance Coaching weekly:
  • Full, unrestricted access to both coaches Luke and Nick.
  • High performance coaching (triathlon, running or cycling) via TrainingPeaks and WKO4 to put your data into action and give you the best possible chance at success.
  • Includes ongoing strength and conditioning programs, lifting technique sessions, and swimming video analysis sessions.
  • Full annual training plan with highly focused training building towards your goal races.
  • Weekly feedback on sessions, and direct contact with your coach via phone, email and at the METS studio.
  • Race strategy sessions and regular consultations to monitor progress.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Which sports do you offer programming for?
A. Triathlon, running, and cycling. We've also written programs for individuals who need to complete benchmark testing such as in the Army, Police Force, and Fire Brigade.

Q. Does your coaching include group sessions?
The High Performance Package includes running, swimming, and lifting technique sessions to help you move more economically. These sessions are focused on technique, not fitness enhancement.

Q. Do I need to be Melbourne-based to sign up?
A. Ideally, but not necessarily. We just need your data. If you can make the trip down for baseline testing, or find a facility close to you, we can make it work.

Q. I'm not elite, can I still sign up?
A. Absolutely. 75% of our athletes are motivated amateurs with a performance goal. If you're determined to succeed, we want to hear from you.

Q. I have further questions, who can I contact?
Send an email to [email protected]

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