The All-In-One Training System Engineered To Peak Your Performance.
Scientifically transforming your performance using tailored training, advanced fitness testing, and one-on-one technique analysis.
Murray Walls 
"I started working with METS because I was struggling to improve at triathlons up to 70.3 distance and with a few health issues to manage I was at crossroads in my mid fifties whether to keep going. Here is my story.

After VO2 testing the guys at METS developed a training program for the Sunshine Coast 70.3 in August 18. The program was less work than I was previously doing, yet I bet my PB by 15mins and finished stronger than ever. At 56 I couldn’t believe that I could improve that much in 12 weeks. That result made me believe I could take on my dream to do a full Ironman. After bike and run testing and talking to Luke and Nick, we embarked on a personalised performance program that saw me hit new performance levels multiple times without any injuries along the way.

On the 2nd December 18, I took on the Busselton IM and finished in 12:06, beating my estimated time of 12:30! Nick was absolutely fantastic and so patient with me at each and every stage, answering all of my questions and giving honest expert advice for each level of training. 

I’m so stoked to have finished 2018 having completed, 2 X 70.3 races, 3 marathons including the ultimate in the full IM. If you want to realise your potential, you can do it with the guys from METS. Go for it!"
"Jumped on high performance program after finishing Challenge Shepparton about 3.5 months ago. Still can not believe the result we’ve got few days ago in Challenge Melbourne - 28 mins off PB, from 4:58 down to 4:30 in just 3.5 months. 

Here are key components of the training / approach I think helped me to make such a jump:
+ Specific training based on data. Most of the workouts based on Lactate Thresholds / Power and VO2Max measured in the begging of program
+ Personalised program delivered and adjusted as training progresses
+ Previous steps help to avoid grey zone training - I had either very hard or moderate/endurance sessions in my case.
+ Training results was noticeable weekly: doing my long runs and rides in correct/endurance hr/power zones felt like never before, I was not exhausted after them and seen improvements weekly.
+ Keeping intensity during taper weeks but decreased volume helped to come to the race in the best shape.
+ I was understanding purpose of each session which kept me motivated
+ First time ever I didn’t have any injury during this block of training - sessions were build very smart. 
+ I was getting very tired in the first part of the week and then was recovering in the second part - this worked very well for me.

All these and consistency in training helped me to feel confident before the race.

Thank you very much, Luke and Nick feeling so lucky to find you."
Sergii Kantemyrov

Elite Testing Available to Anyone
We know how seriously recreational, age group, and amateur athletes take their performances. We have recognised this and made state-of-the-art sport science testing available for anyone looking to get the best out of themselves.
Fully Individualised
100% tailored programming and coaching. We base your program on your physiological testing results, training history, personal motivations, goals, and time availability. We've NEVER seen two people exactly the same, so why would you complete the same training?
Science-based Approach
It's simple. We match science and data with proven training methods to turn your weaknesses into strengths. 

Your individualised physiology + sport science programming = endurance success.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We don't ask you to blindly take our word for the training we prescribe. We have hundreds of videos in the free METS Mastermind group supporting and educating you on our science-based methods. You'll also have direct access to your coach.
Endurance Coaching Like You've Never Seen Before...
Bonus 1: Elite Performance Testing
VO2max & Lactate Analysis testing for both the Bike and Run to lock down specific training zones, identify your strengths & weaknesses and monitor your progress.

Body Composition, Blood Composition and Sweat Analysis all available to further refine our complete understanding of your individual physiology.

Bonus 2: Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning is NOT a few "core" exercises and hill repeats. It's an individually engineered strategy to enhance movement competency, become more damage resistant for injury prevention and enhance your expression of power output in sport specific environments.

We assess your current movement capacities and implement the appropriate exercise selection, set/rep scheme and schedule sessions into your program to achieve maximal adaptation and transformation while minimising the negative impact on your Swim, Bike, Run sessions.
Bonus 3: Swim Technique Analysis
We strongly believe swimming for most triathletes is a HUGE untapped pool of performance potential. Whether that be to reduce fatigue coming out of the water and/or cutting minutes of your time simple breaking down your technique and nailing the basics can drastically improve your swim.

Our expert coaches will help you to understand how your stroke technique to reduce drag and resistance, while also conditioning you to swim faster and stronger for longer.
Bonus 4: Individualised Race Plan
Navigating race day can be difficult. Establishing an accurate race strategy is a component that can make or break your day. That's why our job isn't finished when the gun goes off. 

We guide you all the way into race day, navigating through ideal pacing on data analysis from your training and testing to establish realistic race targets, your nutrition pre, during and post-race and even the little things like warm up and recovery. Be confident you'll have all the information you need to be as prepared as possible.
The Smart Athlete. A Scientific Approach to Endurance Training!
Most athletes training for endurance events think about accumulating high volume. Believing in the "No Pain, No Gain" mentality, beating their bodies up for hours on end, day in day out.

But what if I told you that was an archaic endurance industry approach that is severely out of date. 20 years ago we thought the only way to improve our aerobic base was to complete long, slow distance training. Since then, there have been massive developments in Sport Science and our knowledge of endurance physiology. 

The problem is, the industry hasn't caught up. 

Most programmers and coaches are comfortable in their ways and either aren't prepared to keep up with the scientific progressions, or simply don't have the educational resources to learn the new methods... the lack of free OR paid resources for the every day endurance athlete and coach is appalling. 

Once thought as the only way, performance science has now provided us with a new path. The train smart approach, incorporating our up to date understanding of human physiology, biomechanics and performance to completely re-think your approach to Endurance Training. Cutting out the junk kilometres and engaging in training sessions that are the best bang for your buck. The concept of minimal effective dose - Achieve the maximal training stimulus, adaptation, improvement from the minimal amount of investment. At the end of the day our body will adapt to training DURING recovery. Training aims to fatigue our body, whilst recovery allows for growth, repair and adaptation.

So what does this mean for you, the athlete? 

LESS total training time per week and MORE recovery time to adapt and improve. LESS training time lost to overuse injuries, rehab and MORE time spent improving, getting stronger and keeping those joints, tendons and muscles healthy. LESS thinking "is this actually working?" and MORE being confident you can see yourself getting faster and more efficient.

You're probably reading this thinking, but how can this be? Let me show you how...

First things first, you need to realise enhancing your endurance performance ultimately comes down to three contributing factors:
1. Improve your VO2 max (the size of your aerobic engine).
2. Improve your functional threshold (the proportion of your engine you can actually use for a prolonged period).
3. Improve your economy (run, swim, bike, or row faster while using less energy).

That's it!

Nutrition, heat load management, hydration, training history, injury history and genetics all play a part too. We carfeully consider all of these factors in our wholistic approach to performance. BUT to get fitter, and to be able to move faster for longer, it all starts with the 3 keys to performance. VO2max, Functional Threshold and Economy of movement.

Let's start with improving your VO2max. Did you know that, scientifically, there are two primary training zones in which you can maximise your VO2 max, and two which can elongate your functional threshold? I bet you've heard that you can't train with intensity at the beginning of the program because you need to "build a base" first...

What if I told you that you can in fact build a base/improve your VO2 max by training long and slow, but ALSO from completing shorter intervals at 95% VO2 max, with identical recovery? What if I told you that you can DOUBLE the stimulus by completing two types of training, rather than getting sub-optimal adaptation from just completing one style?

Are you willing to be left behind in the ways of the past? Or do you want to hold the wheel of the endurance machine that is an up-to-date scientific approach to enhancing performance?

We're taking a stand against the archaic endurance industry. We're providing an opportunity for change. We develop fully tailored individualised training package, supported by cutting edge Sport Science research, and use the best training methods available to give you maximum training benefit in minimum training time.

We completely eliminate the guesswork from your training by identifying your training zones from lab-based tests. We then identify your physiological strengths and weaknesses, and develop you the perfect program to give you the best chance at succeeding at your goals. We work around your time availability, training history, and injury history.

There's more...

Improving economy is a simple process. Enhance your ability to produce a movement in the most efficient and effective way to minimise risk of injury, reduce energy wastage through unnecessary movements and unlock free speed in the water, on the bike or during the run. We breakdown your current movement competency and aim to improve your economy through strength & conditioning, technique analysis 1-on-1 sessions and introducing you to the power of regular mobility and self myofascial release (Foam Rolling etc.).

We take a wholistic approach to performance. Supporting you with the best tools to improve your Physiology (VO2max & Threshold) and your Biomechanics (Economy of movement). We've developed relationships with leading experts in the field to bring to you the best possible sources of information to make well informed, confident decisions to ensure your preparation is of the highest standard, treating every athlete like a PRO, regardless of your goals, motivations or previous racing history.

We've seen performance improvements of up to 17% in 3 months through actually training less, but with more focus, targeting the exact components applying a handbrake to the athletes performance.

Every second of training should count towards performance enhancement, otherwise what's the point of training at all?
So who is this Package suitable for?
  • Endurance athletes of ALL LEVELS, not just the Elite AND
  •  Currently train with power, pace, and heart rate AND
  •  Have been training consistently for at least 2 months (ie you have a relatively decent base fitness).
We work with all types of endurance athletes from weekend warriors to the elite to maximise performance through data-driven scientific testing and coaching. If you're ready to cut the guesswork and start using a proven scientific training system to get the best out of your body, then sign up below.

You do not need to be an elite athlete to join this program. You do, however, need to be highly motivated, have a specific goal you're working towards, and a genuine drive to be the best athlete you can be.

Click the link below to get started.

14 day Satisfaction Guarantee
If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied after your first round of testing, simply request a refund within 14-days and receive 100% of your money back. Better yet, keep all the results of your testing (valued at $490) as our way of apologising for wasting your time.
high Performance Coaching 
$260 Billed Monthly
  • Includes all testing (as required)
  • VO2 max tests with lactate analysis: Measure your current level of aerobic fitness, identify your individualised training zones, and learn your physiological strengths and weaknesses.
  • Haemoglobin + Haematocrit testing: Measure the concentration of red blood cells in your body. This is useful in determining athlete fatigue and susceptibility to anaemia. Feel tired all the time? This blood test will show if you need a change in your training and/or diet.
  • Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, and Blood Pressure: Get on top of your health before a big training cycle by measuring your health indicators with your proportion of good and bad cholesterol, your resting blood glucose concentration, and blood pressure measurements.
  • Skinfold Assessment: Skinfold measurements will assist to accurately determine your percentage of body fat, along with lean muscle mass and total body fluid. This allows you to track your body composition throughout the training cycle and ensure your diet is in check.
  • All results include detailed reports with comparison to 'normal' values, with notes and recommendations to best benefit your training.

  • Includes High Performance Coaching weekly:
  • High performance coaching delivered via TrainingPeaks to put your data into action and give you the best possible chance at success.
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions overseen by our qualified S&C coach Nick
  • Swimming Technique Analysis sessions with the METS Swimming specialists Nick & Tyler.
  • Full Annual Training Plan with highly focused training building towards your goal races.
  • Weekly Feedback on sessions, and direct contact with your coach via phone, email and at the METS studio.
  • Race strategy sessions and FULLY INDIVIDUALISED Race Plan

The Data Looks Like This...
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is your High Performance Coaching Program for?
People who are highly motivated, are relatively time poor due to work and family commitments and need the most 'bang for buck' out of their training time. Athletes who have reached a performance plateau in their current training and athlete who are prone to overuse injuries. Any athlete who enjoys taking a scientific approach using data to prescribe sessions and measure changes in performance.
Does your coaching include group sessions?
Not at the moment. The coaching package includes all sessions online through TrainingPeaks and all performance tests at the METS Studio. If you currently complete group sessions, we can work these into your training program.
What's your coaching philosophy?
Train to compete, don't train to complete. It's no surprise that we're numbers guy, and whoever gets the numbers right on the day wins the race. We take data and science and engineer it into a performance-enhancing program aimed at getting the best out of your body. Anyone can exercise you to fatigue and exhaustion, but only knowledgeable coaches and sport scientists can build a program to train you for performance. If your goal is just to finish a race or event, you're probably better off with some group coaching sessions. If you want to give yourself the best chance at performing at an event in the time you have available, then you've come to the right place.
Is this only for one sport?
No. This coaching package is available to athletes competing in all types of endurance events (i.e. Running, Cycling, Triathlon etc.)
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